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Lead and develop your team with the right numbers.

Leadtime gives you the tools and performance metrics to confidently lead and develop your team. Who are the top performers and who could need a little help? Agree on goals with your employees and use figures to monitor whether the goals have been achieved.

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Demand performance.

Continuous development of employee performance is crucial for service companies to thrive and excel in a competitive landscape. By investing in the growth and improvement of employees' skills and capabilities, companies can unlock a range of benefits. It enhances overall team productivity, customer satisfaction, and business outcomes. But how does that work exactly?

Leadtime hands you the tools to become a better leader and manager.

Implementing the seamless time tracking and ticket-based workflows of Leadtime gives you, as a manager, much deeper insights into what your employees are doing in their working hours, and where their strengths and weaknesses are. You can use it to continuously and effortlessly work on your team's performance.

The employees file

Your HR Command Center.

Leadtime is a full-featured HR tool and a comprehensive hub for managing and optimizing your workforce. Access employee information, track performance metrics, organize and compare collective bargaining agreements, and maintain a central journal for streamlined HR management and powerful employee development.

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Who contributes to the company's results and to what extent?

Analyze the contribution margin generated by each team or your members in a given time period, and which projects generated each contribution.

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Which clients generate a particularly high volume?

Leadtime shows you the utilization of support requests from the various projects over time. You can deduce from this which capacities you need to maintain for the various customers. This is extremely helpful for long-term resource planning, and especially the question of whether you need more staff.

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How are your revenue sources developing?

The most important metric in SaaS companies is the percentage of monthly recurring revenue (MRR), as this is naturally more sustainable than volatile, labor-intensive support revenue. The revenue chart directly accesses the data from the invoice module and groups the line items of the invoices issued in a period according to the type of revenue.

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