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Effortlessly prioritize and manage tasks across projects

Leadtime takes the most successful concepts from lean management and agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban and makes them applicable in an environment where many projects need to be executed simultaneously with scarce resources.

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True agility

Leadtime's agile tools give you a 360¬į overview of what's happening in your organisation.

Multi-project management is complex, particularly for handling tickets across different projects. Task distribution and prioritization based on separate lists can be unwieldy, especially for managers, who are not 100% familiar with the details of each project. Leadtime simplifies this by condensing ticket information into intuitive graphical views.

Leadtime's agile tools give you a 360¬į overview of what's happening in your organisation.

Ticket-Lists: The basics.

The standard list view is particularly useful for browsing and filtering tickets with intelligent filters.

Big Picture: What's happening within a project?

Leadtime's "Big Picture" view is designed for executives and project stakeholders who need an overview of the project without diving into individual tickets. It simplifies the information by highlighting project tasks, completion status, and time spent, making it ideal for those less involved in the details.

Pipeline: Who is working on which issues and when?

Leadtime's "Pipelines" view is a powerful week-based planning tool that allows visual scheduling of tickets across team members. It facilitates precise task allocation and seamlessly transfers the planned ticket order to individual Kanban boards, ensuring streamlined work distribution and comprehensive team control.

Kanban: What do i have to do next?

The Kanban boards give the individual employee a simple set of rules on which task to work on next. The changes made in the pipeline view have an immediate effect on the order of the tickets in the developers' personal Kanban boards.

Leadtime's agile tools give you a 360¬į overview of what's happening in your organisation.
Big Picture

Keeping an eye on the big picture of your projects.

Leadtime's "Big Picture" view caters to executives and project stakeholders who seek a comprehensive project overview without delving into individual ticket details. It distills the information to essential aspects: project tasks, completion status, issues, and time spent.

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Quick overview for team leaders.

A customer calls and the person in charge is not there. The team leader does not know the project in detail, but still needs to be able to provide information quickly. No problem: Big Picture condenses the information from all tickets of a project and summarises everything in a compact overview.

  • Quickly identify problematic tickets.
  • Compare time budgets and working hours.
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The essence of a ticket.

In Leadtime's big-picture display, ticket cards present key information in a clear and concise manner. This allows even employees who are not directly involved with the ticket to quickly understand its purpose, progress, and duration.

  1. 1The ticket summary briefly outlines the content and purpose of the ticket.
  2. 2You can see at a glance how much of the originally estimated working time has already been used.
  3. 3Track down forgotten tickets by checking how many days a ticket exists already.

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Pipelines and Kanban Boards

Provide work for your whole team with a few clicks.

Leadtime's powerful project management system seamlessly connects the "Pipelines" view with individual Kanban boards, creating a dynamic and cohesive workflow. The "Pipelines" view enables teams to visually plan and allocate tickets across members, while any changes made instantly reflect in the Kanban boards' ticket order. This integration ensures streamlined work distribution and empowers team members to focus on their tasks, creating an efficient and synchronized project management experience.

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Prioritize in weekly sprints.

Pipelines are a week-based planning tool. It allows for visual distribution of tickets among team members, enabling precise task allocation and a clear overview of workloads. This intuitive view simplifies project management, optimizes work distribution, and enhances team coordination, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Drag & Drop interface
  • Continuously compare your plan with the actual times worked.
  • See at a glance who will work on which topic.
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Always know what to do next.

The changes made in the pipeline view have an immediate effect on the order of the tickets in the developers' personal Kanban boards. You can thus continuously supply an entire team with work without having to constantly consult with them. Your developers can focus entirely on their work and simply process a continuous stream of tickets.

  • Less time-consuming reconciliations.
  • Keep track of your weekly tasks easily and clearly.

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