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Streamline the way you do projects for faster delivery.

Leadtime revolutionizes the way you do projects. Capture your clients’ requirements with a dynamic questionnaire system. Requirements specifications, contract documents and quotations are generated automatically. Leadtime unleashes streamlining effects like in industrial manufacturing.

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Create reusable templates from your recurring projects.

Standardize and streamline your software services with Leadtime. Create repeatability and leverage experience curve effects by deriving standardized "products" with fixed prices from recurring projects. Configure projects effortlessly using a dynamic questionnaire system, and let Leadtime automatically generate specifications, complex offers, and seamlessly break down the project into individual tasks through its integrated ticket system.

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Discuss requirements with client
Calculate quotation
Create specification sheet
Implement the project
Hotfixes after go live
Saved time
Discuss requirements with clientYou hold a series of workshops with the client to clarify the requirements.
Calculate quotationYou try to calculate an offer based on the requirements.
Create specification sheetYou write down all the topics discussed in a comprehensive specification sheet.
Implement the projectYour employees implement the project step by step according to the specifications.
InvoicingAt some point, the project goes live and you can finally create your invoice.
Hotfixes after go liveAfter the go-live, the client usually finds various bugs that you have to fix for free as part of your warranty.
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Automatic calculation of quotations

Maintain all services and products of your company in a central product catalogue. Store your offers with complex pricing rules, which later form the basis for invoicing. Possible are one-time fixed prices, monthly recurring items, billing according to working hours, quantity-dependent pricing (e.g. according to the number of users of a system) or combinations of these models. Quotations therefore no longer have to be created manually: Sales configures the building blocks of a project with Leadtime. The offer is calculated automatically and can be optimised with discounts and other special rules.

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Requirements management with dynamic forms.

Leadtime revolutionizes project management by streamlining customer requirement gathering. With standardized forms for each project type, users can easily store and reuse comprehensive dynamic questionnaires, eliminating the need to repetitively think through project-specific requirements. This accelerates and simplifies the process, allowing even inexperienced employees to effectively clarify customer requirements. The structured information seamlessly integrates into Leadtime, enabling the creation of specification sheets, offers, and generating implementation team tickets for efficient project execution.

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Generate professional requirement specifications at the push of a button.

Without a clean requirements specification, there is a risk of misunderstandings with the customer and a creeping expansion of the scope of services in the course of the project. Unfortunately, creating a good requirements specification is extremely time-consuming. Leadtime is the solution to this dilemma: By using questionnaires, Leadtime seamlessly generates detailed specification documents that precisely define a project's scope of services. This prevents later discussions as to whether a customer request is an agreed feature, or a change request with costs.

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Testcase management included.

Before delivering a product to your customer, you should perform systematic functional tests. To ensure a consistent high quality and to avoid reinventing the wheel every time, Leadtime allows you to define individual test plans for your products. You specify exactly what your employees should test each time. The colleagues then simply work through your test plan. Found bugs are automatically converted into bug tickets.

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