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The bright future of Leadtime

We have big plans for Leadtime. But it's not yet clear which topics we'll tackle and in what order. Help us decide.

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Leadtime is only the beginning.

We have exciting modules on the horizon, including "Leadtime® Market" and "Leadtime® Outline." Market will introduce CRM features to enhance your Leadtime experience, while Outline will provide a comprehensive wiki and documentation solution. Stay tuned as we aim to launch one extension per year. We value community input, so feel free to share your thoughts on which extension should be prioritized. Together, we'll shape the future of Leadtime.


Leadtime MARKET: Your Secret Weapon for Conquering the Market and Driving Sales

Leadtime covers the customer lifecycle from proposal to ongoing support. But what about the phase _before_ the offer, i.e. the search and acquisition of new customers? MARKET is a B2B CRM that allows you to systematically manage your market.

  • Import address lists with all market participants potentially interesting for you
  • Segment the whole market with the help of tags
  • Collect findings and insights about the leads
  • Process leads according to a configurable sales funnel
  • Analyze your competitors with a competitive map

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Create Professional Project Documentation with Leadtime OUTLINE

Nothing moves an organization forward like clean documentation of all processes. Because only when a process is written down can it be systematically analyzed and improved. OUTLINE is a mixture of WIKI, documentation platform and notebook. Special emphasis is placed on the planning and implementation of particularly extensive documents, such as software documentation. With OUTLINE you provide your customers with professional project documentation.

  • Wiki combined with a clear simple hierarchy
  • Very comfortable editor
  • Content planning for very extensive writing projects, e.g. software documentation

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