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Automatic invoicing for faster incoming payments.

Receiving payments from your customers is the lifeline of your business. The faster you get your money, the more peace of mind you can sleep. With Leadtime, you create the prerequisite that no technical or organizational hurdles slow down this elementary business process. Your liquidity will thank you.

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Invoice automation

Invoicing without hassle.

Supercharge your software accounting with Leadtime's next-gen billing solution. Simplify pricing intricacies, handle license fees, support requests, and project billing seamlessly. Create flawless invoices, accelerate approvals, and stay on top of payments with smart reminders.

Invoices at the touch of a button

Leadtime simplifies invoicing by consolidating all essential data, including customer agreements, rates, discounts, subscription fees, support tickets, and employee time bookings. With this comprehensive information, Leadtime effortlessly generates clean and visually appealing invoice documents, customizable to your branding.

Invoicing without hassle.
All included tickets in the attachment

With Leadtime's invoicing system, each invoice is accompanied by a comprehensive view of all support tickets submitted and the corresponding team's time bookings. By providing this transparent overview, clients can easily reference and understand the billed services, eliminating the need for queries or discussions about the invoice.

Invoicing without hassle.
Invoicing without hassle.
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Approve tickets before billing.

Check the time bookings on the tickets before billing. You decide what amount you really want to charge your customer.

  • Define customer-specific hourly rates, payment terms and items that should appear by default on every invoice.
  • Work with manual invoice items and discounts

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Send your invoices from LeadTime

The system generates clean, multi-page PDFs. All tickets used for invoices appear in tabular form in the attachment of the document.

  • Send invoices as an email with a PDF attachment directly to your contact person on the customer‚Äôs side.
  • Leadtime automatically monitors the payment terms of the invoices you send. The system automatically sends reminders if necessary.

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